Jersey Day

What is Jersey Day?

Jersey Day is a simple and fun way to help fundraise for IFE which involves allocating a day at school or work where everyone can wear their favourite sports jersey for a dollar coin donation. For every $1 raised IFE can send 1 football kit to an underprivileged child or youth.

Who can run a Jersey Day?

Schools, workplaces, or even your football club if you usually have specific team training attire.

How do we collect the gold coin donations?

We can provide you with some donation containers or you can use any type of container you might have already. Allocate a Champion or Supervisor to go round and collect all the gold coin donations.

How do we donate the money raised?

You can deposit the money directly into our bank account, or deposit it into your bank account then transfer it to ours. Alternatively, we may be able to collect the money if you are located in the Sydney region.


Contact us if you would like to host a Jersey Day!