Please feel free to contact us with any questions or thoughts:

  • Donate money through sponsorship packages
    to become an official IFE sponsor.
  • Donate football uniforms & gear to IFE.
  • Assist in getting the gear to the
    intended destination; sponsor shipping.
  • Provide volunteer support at IFE &
    fundraising events.
  • Donate products and services.


Please let us know if you would like to help and we will get in contact with you:

Collect Gear
Who can get involved?
Football clubs, Academies, Schools, Workplaces, or any other type of community group or individual within the Sydney or Canberra region.
How does it work?
Get in touch with us and we will be able to provide all the marketing material and guidance for you to run your own Collection Drive.
It’s a very simple process:

  • Decide where you would like to set up the collection point i.e. in your clubhouse.
  • Choose a time frame for collecting the gear. It can be done on one day, for example during a gala day or registration day, or it can be over the course of the whole football season if you wanted.
  • Let everyone know! Send out an email with our flyer to your members, post it on Facebook and tell everybody when, where and what they can donate!
  • Once you’ve finished the collection drive, let us know and we can arrange to pick up the donations.
  • We will take photos of the donations and post it on social media to thank you for your contribution!


Email us now to arrange your collection drive.
‘Give your gear a second life’


Jersey Day

What is Jersey Day?

Jersey Day is a simple and fun way to help fundraise for IFE which involves allocating a day at school or work where everyone can wear their favourite sports jersey for a dollar coin donation. For every $1 raised IFE can send 1 football kit to an underprivileged child or youth.

Who can run a Jersey Day?

Schools, workplaces, or even your football club if you usually have specific team training attire.

How do we collect the gold coin donations?

We can provide you with some donation containers or you can use any type of container you might have already. Allocate a Champion or Supervisor to go round and collect all the gold coin donations.

How do we donate the money raised?

You can deposit the money directly into our bank account, or deposit it into your bank account then transfer it to ours. Alternatively, we may be able to collect the money if you are located in the Sydney region.


Contact us if you would like to host a Jersey Day!