Football, Breaking Barriers in Africa

Winston Churchill once referred to Uganda as the Pearl of Africa.It has so much to offer from wildlife to the beautiful sceneries. However, in the midst of all that treasure, stands an organization called Watoto Wasoka.

Watoto  Wasoka was founded in 2009 by social workers from Uganda and Germany. The organisation was founded in order to help children overcome hardship that they may be facing. In developing countries, football is deemed as a getaway to better life. Poverty, drug abuse, lack of education and unemployment are some of the dangers children and the youth of Uganda are currently trying to overcome.

Since its establishment, the organisation has had a significant impact in the community. It has worked with over 5000 kids, between the ages of 10-17. Furthermore, Watoto Wasoka has enabled over 3oo kids to go to high school through sports scholarships. They even have started a girls team. Watoto Wasoka Slums Derby and Watoto Wasoka Christmas Football Camps, are two important events that are held annually. The competitions bring together kids from Kampala and beyond, to which the events unify the kids and give them hope for a better future.

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These children do not have it easy, like you and I do. They know what it feels to struggle just to see another day.They do not have access to basic needs, proper medical scheme or even proper education. These are the things that weigh them down and the effects are dire. Some end up committing suicide, others result to the crime life, because that is all they know. With the establishment of this great organization, these kids have a second chance in life. Football has brought them together, regardless of their problems and their backgrounds, it has helped them to look beyond that and, know that there is always a brighter future.


However, it has not been  an easy ride since Watoto Wasoka began its operation.They have faced financial hurdles,which means they most rely on donors. With the large number of children signing up, they have faced a few challenges. They do not have adequate equipment, but they still push on. IFE will be donating kits and shipping them to these wonderful kids who need them the most. As an organisation, we kindly request for your support, in whatever capacity you can, so as to make it possible to have shipment delivered in Uganda. Let us make their future bright!

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To learn more about the work of Watoto Wasoka please take some time to visit their online platforms:

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