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Last Year International football exchange donated over 6,400 items of football gear to children and youth in 4 Countries across the world.

Welcome To International football exchange

International Football Exchange was founded in 2015 when a simple idea turned into something bigger. Nathan has played football all his life and had built up a large collection of old gear. When he thought about what to do with it the first thought was to donate it to the less fortunate. This was followed by the thought that if one person can have so much unused gear, just imagine how much more unused football gear there is out there that could be put to good use. Read the full story below behind International Football Exchange.


    'You can help raise money for IFE by holding a fundraising event at your club, school or workplace. It's easy to get involved!'

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    'Would you like to collect gear at your football club or school? We can help you! Find out how you can Get Involved!'

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    If you are interested in becoming a member of International Football Exchange.

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